There is a group of people that Alexandra has known and worked with for a long time. She values long term collaborations that stretches over several different project.

Anna Björemark – film maker
As a cinematographer, editor and director Anna has co-created Kill a Cat Show, Numen Human and Rapacious Excellence.

Cha Blasco – artist, computer music composer and producer, live electronics performer
As a music composer Cha is a co-creator of Animalarium, Kill a Cat Show and Numen Human.

Elle Sofe Sara – choreographer, director and film maker
Alexandra has collaborated with Elle Sofe in several Elle Sofes dance performances. Her role has been slightly different in each work but by large she been a co-choreographer to Elle Sofe as the main choreographer and originator of the idea. Together with Elle Sofe she has researched and made movement material, discussed and developed the theme, concept and choreographic composition as well as developed pedagogic strategies for the collaboration with the dancers.
The productions she has worked on are Vástádus eana – The answer is land, Jorggahallan and Beatnaga ii galgga gulgii geahčat.

After participating in a Kind of Like this workshop in 2008 Elle Sofe initiated a shift in the work that meant focusing on creating platforms for Sámi and other indigenous artist. Together they organized KOLT Riddu together in 2010 and KOLT Kautokeino in 2011.

Eric Sjögren – director, composer, sound and light design, project manager of Ställbergs gruva
As a light designer and dramaturg Eric is a co-creator of Animalarium and Kill a Cat Show.
Eric is, like Alexandra, a part owner of Ställbergs gruva.

Ina Dokmo – performer, dancer, choreographer, teacher, curator and Shiatsu therapist
Ina, Alexandra and Lena Kimming are the collective dancers and chorographer of The Atlas Club. As a dancer Ina has co-created Kill a Cat Show, Mutism and Mutability and the MA research. Ina was invited to co-choreographer the version of Numan Human that was shown at No Estacionarse – Danza y Movimiento, Queretaro, Mexico.
Alexandra has worked as dancer, producer, and costume designer in Ina’s sound and dance installation Mykorrhiza.

Josefina Björk – artist and director
Alexandra has worked together with Josefina as performer and co-creator in her participatory works HEX and Show me yours and I will show you mine.
Josefina collaborated with Alexandra and Liv Schellander making scenography for Dear Real Doll and made the costume for the Rapacious Excellence film. Josefina was a part of the first research workshop that later seeded Animalarium.
Josefina is, as Alexandra, a part of Ställbergs gruva.

Lena Kimming – dance artist and physio therapist
Lena, Alexandra and Liv Schellander are the collective dancers and choreographers of Animalarium.  And Lena and Alexandra are together with Ina the collective dancers and chorographer of The Atlas Club.
As a dancer Lena has co-created Rapacious Excellence, Mutism and Mutability and the MA research.
Together with Hilde Skancke Pedersen, Pia Nordin and Ina Dokmo they formed the collective that created and performed Human Human.

Liv Schellnader – dancer, performer and choreographer
Liv is together with Lena Kimming and Alexandra the collective dancers and choreographer of Animalarium.
Alexandra invited Liv into the Kill a Cat Show research and together they created and performed Kill the Doll Show and Dear Real Doll.