The Atlas Club

With the point of departure in choreography and dance we explore conversations, body-maps, treatment formats and movement-based improvisation. The aim being to share written instructions and participatory performances that question the splitting of matter and meaning.

We are looking to break down classical categories and hierarchies between humans, non-humans and things. And rather see body, feeling, identity, rationality and beings’ environments as already connected and coherent webs. We are interested in a holistic view on being and doing.

The participatory performance works offers a generous space for visitors to engage with questions, processes of thought and movement in a new and unexpected way. This happens through sessions where we use a step by step method and work choreographically within and through conversation, dancing and text.

The performance is very much a contemporary dance experience, but it is personal and intimately connected to the individual participant. The room is, so to speak, filled with the participant’s experiences, feelings, memories connected to the question at hand and the distance that so often happens between stage and audience is bridged by the conversation-dance-response operating in that space, in the participant’s space.

The Atlas Club is a collective creation between Alexandra and artists Ina Dokmo and Lena Kimming. Together they are the dancers and choreographers of The Atlas Club.

The Atlas Club has received support from Ställberg gruva, Kulturrådet and Konstnärsnämnden.

The Atlas Club website

Our sessions are private between our visitors and us, and therefore all our documentation is staged.

The Atlas club + Dáiddadállu including the works Mottagningen SVARET, Oraklet and Fråge arkivet. A part of the exhibition SápmiToo by Dáiddadállu. Sámi Easter festival, Kautokeino, Norway

Sovringsverket incuding the works Motagninen SVARET, Frågesalen och Fråge arkivet. A part of the exhibition Atlas – från slumrande materia till kommunen. Ställbergs gruva, Ljusanrbergs kommun

Mottagningen SVARET. Skogen, Göteborg

Mottagningen SVARET. A part of Hope Tourist Centre. Ställbergs gruva, Ljusnarsbergs kommun


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