Kind of like this

Kind of like this (KOLT) is a creative workshop that brings together artists to work and explore together. Artists who work with different art forms, come from different cultures and have different perspectives on the creative process.

KOLT’s main result is not the physical things, but what flow from person to person. The result and our goal are for the participants to exchange experiences, participate in each other’s creative process and create new networks. We believe this is facilitated through working practically together, by working actively on breaking down traditional hierarchies and to explore different forms of collaboration.

The place, nature and culture are important to us and our creation. And every place we arrange KOLT at shaped the workshop in a unique way.

KOLT started in 2007 has been organized in Sweden, Norway and Guatemala. From 2010 the focus was on creating a platform for indigenous artists. During this period KOLT was organized in collaboration with the Sámi festivals Sámi Easter festival, Riddu Riddu and Márkomeannu. And collaborated with the Maya arts collective So´zil from Guatemala.

Alexandra was KOLTs initiator, producer, method developer and process facilitator. Between 2007 – 2009 in collaboration with Torsten Ottesjö and Tormod Otter Johansson. And between 2010 – 2011 in collaboration with Elle Sofe Sara.

Workshops: KOLT 2007, KOLT Bokenäs 2008, KOLT Skärkäll 2008, KOLT Skärkäll 2009, KOLT Bokenäs 2009, KOLT Skärkäll 2010, KOLT Riddu 2010, KOLT Kautokeino 2011, KOLT Bottna Gerlesborg 2011, KOLT Márkomeannu 2012, KOLT Solola 2014, KOLT Riddu 2014.


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