Rapacious Excellence

In the choreography and films Rapacious Excellence, we examine what happens when the commercial intrudes on the personal and problematizes the commercialization of such a complex human condition as ”happiness”. We have worked thematically with the cult of perfection that we are exposed to through advertising, fashion, celebrity coverage, etc. A cult that through its unholy alliance with the market has created a rather unpleasant ”improve yourself” industry. Without criticising the desire to eat better, exercise more, etc., we want to highlight the problem when ”happiness” becomes a trait you can discipline yourself to through external changes, instead of being an emotional state that comes from within and from togetherness with other people.

The films were produced in 2013. In the film, we have, among other things, worked with the relationship between camera and dancer and tried to choreograph the camera as much as the dancer’s movement through the room. We made two versions of the film, one is edited and the other is one take. The cinematographer is on roller skates.

Rapacious Excellence has received support from Göteborg stad and Film i Väst.

Dance film
Co-creators Anna Björemark, Anders Rimpi, Josefina Björk, Lena Kimming, Olof M Lange. The film is produced by Vilda Bombed AB
2021 Trailer Dansfilmfestival 2021. Göteborg
2015 Trailer Gallery summer tour, Sweden
2014 Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market, USA

Dance performance
Co-creator Lena Kimming
2012 Siobhan Davies Studios, London
2010 Riksscenen, Oslo
2010 Kulturnatta at Aktör och Vänner (now Skogen), Göteborg
2010 Bottna Culture Festival, Tanums kommun
2010 Abundance, Karlstad

Rapacious Excellence at Aktör och Vänner in 2010


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